Mr. Brent McFarland is a serial entrepreneur, starting at age 8 selling cranberries from a roadside stand, Brent has spent much of his professional career starting and building businesses. His professional career began as insurance underwriter, and aggregated into asset management, restaurant owner, and real estate development. A native of northern Wisconsin, he returned to his roots in 2006 to pursue hunting and fishing but was soon engaged with tribal leadership to establish a “due diligence” program for vetting tribal business opportunities. “The fundamentals of wealth management, ‘Create multiple streams of revenue to mitigate risk’ are the cornerstone of healthy business development in Indian Country”.

Hired in 2011 as Business Development Director by the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Indian Tribe, he worked with the tribal council to create the LDF Business Development Corporation. In his own words, “The book ‘Rebuilding Native Nations’ by Miriam Jorgensen was our road map. Her research showed that tribes which separated business entities from political influences were 7 times more profitable.” Since 2012 the LDF Business Development Corp. has shown substantial growth: -0- employees in 2012 to over 62 employees at the end of 2015.

Giving back to the community is important to Brent. He serves on the Wisconsin Economic Development Association board of directors, local community arts foundation, town business development board, the Lions Club and is a Master Mason. He is a father to Cameron, Olivia and Margaret. And an especially bad influence to his granddaughter Mimi. His favorite travel and mischief companion is Frances.