Look Forward 2020: LDF Business Development

Business development and growth within Lac du Flambeau shows continuing signs of moving in the right direction to look forward to 2020. Finding talent to fill open positions in our construction, financial services, and retail business units as well as our administrative offices remains a challenge. This is a challenge experienced by many businesses and organizations in our region. Nevertheless, the LDF Business Development Corporation sees continued growth ahead.

Many pathways to business growth and job creation exist. Atop our list is attracting new businesses to Lac du Flambeau, growing our construction firm, and expanding our financial services call center staff. The future looks bright for all three initiatives in 2020.

LDF Open for New Businesses

Lac du Flambeau has the infrastructure in place to look forward and welcome new businesses. Building on the momentum of the new retail center, scheduled to open mid-summer 2020 and replace the existing LDF Country Market, we recently hired our first Corporate Retail Director. This role will lead development efforts to identify and expand retail operations within Lac du Flambeau.

Technology and Growth

For modern business to thrive, an organization must invest in technology. To that end, we’ve recently hired an IT Manager to ensure our systems and infrastructure are prepared for continuing growth. Our information technology and systems required for ongoing success will only grow. Crucial to our success is supporting information technology systems across LDF BDC business units and planning for future system needs.

Construction Growth

Construction forecasts show continued growth in federal and state contracts. We are positioned well to expand the number of federal and state construction projects we work on in 2020. Our core team is strong and our partnerships with other construction firms is equally strong.

Coupled with relevant certifications and a record and rating of meeting or exceeding expectations seems a recipe for success going forward. Alongside our partners, we are developing a foundation to create more jobs and build self-sustaining economic futures for people in the region.

All of these efforts above require talent for continued growth. With talent, we continue to advance our strategy to attract companies, diversify revenue and create jobs beyond tribal gaming operations.

Financial Services

Our financial services business conducts business in many states throughout the country. The back-end operations, however, reside right here in Lac du Flambeau. For us to continue to grow, we need people to work in the call center. More often than not, we have openings. We need people with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Without question one of the driving factors to future business growth in the Northwoods remains matching talent with opportunities. We have the opportunities open to Natives and non-Natives. In fact, across the Tribal Enterprise roughly half of all employees are non-Native.

For us to continue to grow and impact economic prosperity as the largest employer in the region, we need talent. This is a need felt by many employers in our region. As an organization, LDF Business Development Corporation will continue to work with Vilas County Economic Development Corporation, Oneida County Economic Development Corporation and Grow North. This is in addition to state and federal agencies designed to grow the prospects within our region. Please join us in working to build a prosperous future.

Melissa Doud is Interim Chief Operating Officer for the LDF Business Development Corporation in Lac du Flambeau. Visit LDFBDC.com for more information.