A Whole New Ballgame! New LDF Country Market Elevates Family Shopping Experience

The region’s newest grocery store, located in Lac du Flambeau, takes shopping to a whole new level.

Families seeking the freshest meat, produce, bakery and groceries, find the new LDF Country Market store offers a spacious shopping experience with value, quality and selection a top priority. Take a closer look around the new facility, and shoppers find the smoke shop, beer cave, deli, and liquor all under one roof. Shoppers get what they need, so they can get back to what they enjoy.

“We provide shoppers with value, quality, selection and a great experience,” LDF Country Market General Manager George Carufel says. “For us to deliver an exceptional shopping experience, we focus on creating a positive, empowering working environment for our teammates. Our new facility and our dedicated team create a terrific, welcoming experience.”

Shoppers are expecting more healthy options as well as standard food items, Carufel says. The LDF Country Market offers homemade and healthy meal options with a new seating area to grab a quick lunch. But there’s more. The LDF Country Market also offers items you can find nowhere else.

Owned and operated by the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, the LDF Country Market offers native arts and crafts.

“Having native arts and crafts in the store creates an opportunity for people to experience some of the traditions and culture that our Tribal Members take great pride in producing,” Carufel says.

Future Retail Development Opportunities

The new LDF Country Market is a first-step strategy to expand retail offers within Lac du Flambeau. There’s existing retail space available with opportunities for new construction. The commitment to recruiting new retail to Lac du Flambeau is apparent in the hiring of the first-ever corporate retail director.

Breaking new retail ground is only part of the development strategy. Existing retail space in Lac du Flambeau provides ready-made opportunities to access the region’s largest employee base, as well as permanent and seasonal residents, and significant travel and tourism traffic.

“The Tribal Enterprise is the area’s largest employer,” LDF Tribal President Joseph Wildcat Sr. says. “This means there’s significant, daily access to people who work in Lac du Flambeau. When you add Tribal and Non-Tribal residents and travel and tourism traffic, retailers find a winning combination.”

The Tribal Enterprise comprises more than a 1,000 employees who typical travel to Lac du Flambeau daily to work at the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino, LDF Business Development Corporation, LDF Construction, Simpson Electric and the Tribal Government. Add to the equation the employees and families visiting Peter Christiansen Health Center, Dental Clinic and LDF Public School, and access to potential customers expands exponentially.

“The thousands of people who live in and around Lac du Flambeau and the thousands of visitors to the casino, lakes, trails, campgrounds and other attractions, like the Indian Bowl,” President Wildcat says, “creates a target-rich environment for retailers.”

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