More Examples of Why We Love Where We Work

We love where we workFor some time now, LDF Business Development Corporation and its business units have told the story of why our teammates “Love Where They Work.” We recently asked two of our teammates, one from LDF Holdings, an online lender with a call center in Lac du Flambeau and one from the BDC itself to share in their own words why they love where they work. These new radio recordings by Angela Clothier and Brittany Allen give you the opportunity to hear about their experiences directly.

Angela Clothier shares her experience working with LDF BDC to serve her community. Working in the HR department she helps connect people on life’s journey, building them up and helping them find success and grow with new employment opportunities.

Brittany Allen loves working at LDF holdings because it’s like a family. They celebrate successes, work to lift each other up and most importantly they feel appreciated and heard. Take a listen and hear her talk about it directly.

Thank you both for representing LDF Business Development Corporation so well and so professionally. Your stories are rewarding for all of us who listen.