For some time now, LDF Business Development Corporation and its business units have told the story of why our teammates “Love Where They Work.” We recently asked two of our teammates from LDF Holdings, an online lender with a call center in Lac du Flambeau to share in their own words why they love where they work. These new radio recordings by Melinda Walker and Antoinette Beaudry give you the opportunity to hear about their experiences directly.

Melinda Walker shares her passion for helping people succeed, because when people succeed, they love where they work. See shares how everyone’s work within LDF Business Development Corporation and its business units impact the community and how it makes her feel.

Antoinette Beaudry discusses the talented people at LDF Holdings—which is part of LDF Business Development Corporation. She shares how people are developed and nurtured with continuous learning at our call center. And people are encouraged to get outside their comfort zones. As an introvert herself, she shares how it makes her feel.

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  1. […] Most people join us based on what their friends tell them. “They love where they work.” […]